6 Things You Need to Know Before Installing a Skylight Vandalia, Ohio

6 Things You Need to Know Before Installing a Skylight Vandalia, Ohio

Who wouldn’t want more natural light in their home? A well-placed skylight can illuminate any dark area in your home while adding a bit of style. However, there are some factors you’ll have to consider before installing a skylight. Ranging from the most obvious to the most overlooked, we’ve listed just 6 things you need to know before installing a skylight in Vandalia, Ohio.

1. Skylights Can Make A Room Appear Larger

A dimly lit room won’t have light reaching all corners of the space, therefore the room may seem smaller than it actually is. The installation of a skylight will most definitely lighten all areas of any room. Therefore, bringing a skylight into the picture could increase the perceived size of the room. 

2. Skylights Have Energy Saving Options

A little-known fact about skylights is the possibility of energy-efficient options. However, this doesn’t apply to just any skylight. Only certain types of skylights have the possibility of lowering cooling and heating costs. 

It’s odd to hear you can save money on your bills with skylights, as they have a reputation for energy leaks but this only occurs with cheaper/inferior options. If you choose a quality product and have it installed by a reputable contractor in Vandalia, Ohio, you’ll have nothing to fear. 

3. Facts Regarding Skylight Installation

There are certain factors that may complicate the installation of a skylight. Different types of roofing systems can make it easier or harder for roof maintenance. For example, most types of flat roofs make skylight repair, maintenance, and installation a lot easier. While pitched roofs on the other hand make these services more difficult.

4. Best Seasons for Skylight Installation

Some seasons are more convenient than others when installing a skylight. Due to the dry weather during summer, it is perhaps the most common season for skylight installations. However, this does not mean homeowners are limited to just this season for skylight maintenance and installation. 

5. Some Skylight Materials Limit UV Rays

Just as some roofing materials lessen the damage caused by the sun, different types of skylight materials can do the same. Daylight and fresh air are nice, but sometimes the heat from the sun can make a room extremely uncomfortable. 

A skylight manufactured with tempered, double-insulated glass and Low-E coatings can reduce the temperature of a room by a significant amount. 

6. Skylights vs. Sun Tunnels

Skylights installation is considerably more extensive than sun tunnel installation. As the name implies, skylights allow you to see the sky with the added benefit of fresh air. There are many varieties of skylights and options including solar-powered automation to remote-controlled versatility. In contrast, sun tunnels bring natural light into your home but do not offer the benefit of a view of the sky or added fresh air. They are best suited for energy-efficient lighting in dark areas of your home. Either way, you can’t go wrong. If you are unsure which option suits you and your home the best contact Van Martin our team will help you make an informed decision.


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Finding the Right Contractor

A solid roofing company will not only install your skylight properly, but they will also carry the best products for installation. Here at Van Martin, we not only have the most experienced professionals, but we also carry the best Velux Skylights and Velux Sun Tunnels. For more information regarding Velux products, click here.

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