How Bad Weather Damages Your Vandalia Roof

How Bad Weather Damages Your Vandalia Roof

Roofing companies in Vandalia, Ohio are always busy with the crazy and erratic weather experienced by many Ohioans. Severe thunderstorms, intense winds, and brutal blizzards can lead to flood damage, water stains, and roof leaks. In case you were ever curious, here’s how bad weather damages your roof in Vandalia, Ohio.

Thunderstorms and Rainstorms

The immense rainfall and wind can lead to costly roof leaks. The rain and wind can cause enough damage on your roof for repairs to be necessary. But did you know a single strike of lightning can singe and blacken your roof shingles, damage the attic, or even start a fire?

Damaged shingles can lead to all sorts of roofing problems. They can open the door for leaks, mold, and in the worst cases a roof collapse. That’s why it’s crucial to check your roof after an intense thunderstorm, to see if you’re in need of any roof repairs

Lastly, check all of your outlets and circuit breakers if lightning strikes your home or business. A reputable roofing contractor in Vandalia, Ohio can provide you with a thorough free roof inspection, to find the source of any damages that might have occurred.

Hailstorms and Blizzards

Ohioans are accustomed to harsh winters, which is why you need to know how hailstorms and blizzards can affect your roof. The abundance of snow can heavily weigh on your roof causing damages to your roofing system from stress.

Ice dams form by snow on your rooftop melting down and flowing near the eaves of your roof. That liquid then freezes over and turns into ice, weighing heavily on your roof and preventing the drainage of water, snow, etc. Ice dams can occur on any type of roof, and the number one way to prevent them is proper ventilation. For more information regarding ice dams, click this link here.

While doing routine roof maintenance, you may notice cracks and holes along the roof that go inward. If you’ve recently experienced a hailstorm, then you most likely have hailstorm damages.

Tornadoes and Windstorms

Fierce windstorms and tornadoes can cause extensive damage to your home. They can loosen and peel off the roof flashing, shingles, and other roofing materials. The resulting damages can lead to roof leaks and other damages. 

The best way to assess damages to your roof is by checking your yard for any roofing materials or shingles on the ground. Most of the time, this is the best way to tell if you’ve incurred damages. For a more thorough evaluation, call your local contractor for a free inspection. If you’re in need of roof repair or replacement in Vandalia, Ohio, be sure to contact a reputable and trustworthy roofing company. 

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