4 Ways To Better Insulate Your Home Tipp City, Ohio

4 Ways To Better Insulate Your Home Tipp City, Ohio

Dealing with high and excessive energy bills? Then perhaps your next home improvement project should be improving your roof insulation. And as an added bonus, improving your home’s insulation is a low-cost home improvement project. Here are 4 ways to better insulate your home in Tipp City, Ohio.

1. Weatherproofing Your Doors And Windows

First, you’ll want to properly insulate and seal your doors and windows. Anyone can easily do this by purchasing weatherproofing strips. Door and window weatherproofing strips are cheap and easy to apply on your own.

Applying weatherproofing strips is a great insulation option to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Experts determined that homeowners save about 10% more on their energy bills when they apply weatherproofing strips, as well as improving their ventilation. 

2. Seal Your Chimney When Inactive

More often than not, your chimney is the culprit for letting hot and cold air out of your home. Roofing companies in Tipp City, Ohio find that homeowners without a properly sealed chimney spend roughly 27% more on their heating. 

There are some different methods for dealing with this issue. To find the best solution for your chimney, contact a roofing contractor in Tipp City, Ohio for a free roof inspection. An experienced professional can point you in the right direction at the very least.

3. Attach Thicker Curtains To Your Windows

Some curtains have specific insulation material ingrained in them. Additionally, they’re easy to install. Once you purchase new curtains, go throughout your living space and simply attach your new and improved curtains to your windows. At this point, leave your curtains open during the day to let heat in, and close them at night to keep heat in.

If you’re not in the position to buy new curtains for your home, you can always add sheets or something similar to your existing curtains. For more information on insulated curtains, click this link here.

4. Improving Your Attic Insulation

Much of the heat within a home will be stored in the attic. And if your attic isn’t properly sealed, a lot of that heat will escape. Some of these cracks can be easily closed up with spray foam insulation or rigid foam insulation. However, the last thing you want to do is damage your attic space.

Therefore you may want to contact a professional at this point. Any sort of roof maintenance should usually be left to some sort of expert on the matter. But you don’t want to contact just any roofing contractor. Subpar contractors who charge cheaply will usually present cheap work. 

Hiring The Best Roofing Contractor Tipp City, Ohio

Whether it’s ventilation or roof repair in Tipp City, Ohio, we’re here to help at Van Martin Roofing. Our roofers are the most knowledgeable and experienced in the business. We do work on residential and commercial properties and offer extended warranties for most work done. 

Additionally, we offer free roof inspections, so don’t hesitate to contact us! You can call us at 1 (937) 742-4555, or schedule a free roof evaluation online today.