Roofing Accessories


Add gutters to the eaves of your roof in either aluminum or steel to protect the investment you are making into your home. Gutters help channel the water flowing off your roof away from the foundations of your home.


Van Martin offers a variety of blinds for your skylight to manage the amount of light filtering in through your skylight. Velux FCM Skylights allow shafts of natural light to illuminate your home while maintaining privacy. Constructed of insulated glass, combined with a durable metal frame, the smooth, low-profile of the FCM skylight does not obstruct your roofline.


Proper insulation in your Dayton, OH home can lower energy costs and help maintain temperatures within your home throughout the changing seasons. We work with the highest quality fiberglass blown-in insulation, made by Owens Corning. Fiberglass insulation has a high energy saving R-Value and will not settle over time.

Solar Solutions

Attics can be very hot places, with temperatures rising above 160 degrees. Venting your attic helps your building breath allowing the hot air and moisture that can so easily become trapped there from preventing serious problems.

Solar ventilation is roof venting powered by solar energy to help circulate the hot air and moisture out of the building. Van Martin Roofing offers solutions that harness the power of the sun and can lower your energy costs.