Why You Should Have Your Commercial Roof Inspected Now

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Why You Should Have Your Commercial Roof Inspected Now

By: Dana V. Gimarangan


Local weather can be deceiving. You may think only hail, snow, and storms damage your roof. Even sunny days can cause wear and tear on your commercial roofing system. That is why we’ve put together this commercial roof inspection checklist to help you prevent unwanted repair costs.

  1. Track Active Aging – Active aging does not refer to the calendar age of your roof installation. Active aging is determined by the weather, cracking, standing water, mold, and mildew. These issues and more can be assessed by implementing a regular preventative roof maintenance program.
  2. Leaks – Most but not all leaks occur along the edge of a seam. Other common factors are UV rays that damage flat roof membranes including organic material that builds up on your roof. A thorough annual roof inspection can give you an accurate assessment of the state of your roof and what proactive steps to take to prevent future issues. 
  3. Storms and Winds – Damage from high winds, hail, and horizontal rain entering through worn edges and seams can lead to costly interior water damage repairs. Contact Van Martin for a free commercial roof inspection.
  4. Cleaning and Maintenance – Proactive annual roof inspections and regular preventative maintenance can provide insight into potential issues before more costly repairs are needed. Experienced, professional technicians can expertly inspect and detect damage caused by blown debris as well as issues concerning aging roofing systems. Van Martin’s affordable repair or replacement options can be tailored to meet your budget.
  5. Code Compliance – A professional roof inspection ensures that your roofing system is always updated to meet current building codes. Additionally, there are modern innovations like cool roof technology that can save money on the average cost of a roof replacement. 
  6. Simpler Insurance Claims – Van Martin’s estimators can help you easily file a claim and provide a detailed report about your roof’s condition. In cases of severe weather roof damage, Van Martin can help simplify your claim. 
  7. Extending Your Roofs Lifespan – Property owners that make proactive maintenance of their facility a priority save time and money on their investment. It is easy to neglect out-of-sight roofing issues until it is too late. By developing a scheduled routine maintenance plan with Van Martin, we can help with expert advice and professional service regarding your roofing system. 

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