5 Gutter Problems Vandalia, Ohio Homeowners Should Know

5 Gutter Problems Vandalia, Ohio Homeowners Should Know

Many homeowners in Vandalia, Ohio give little thought to the well-being of their home’s gutters. That is of course until something goes wrong, and ends up costing them hundreds of dollars in repairs. However, these costly repairs and replacements are totally avoidable. Here are 5 gutter problems Vandalia, Ohio homeowners should be aware of:

1. Clogged Gutters

Probably the most common problem seen in the industry is clogging. They can easily get clogged up by leaves, dirt, branches, plant life, etc. Therefore when this happens, water cannot flow and drain properly. 

Gutters serve to drain water away from your home. So the extra weight on the system as a whole can place a burden on your roof, and prevent your system from working properly. Which could possibly lead to flood damage repairs, cracks, or even a collapse.

The best way to prevent clogs and blockages is through gutter guards. Gutters in Dayton, Ohio are very prone to clogging due to the severe winds and weather. Ask your local roofing company which type of gutter guard is the best for your home. 

2. Leaky Gutters

When a leak unexpectedly occurs, it could spiral into some serious problems! Leaks occur most often from shoddy gutter installation; fasteners that are loosely installed are the number one cause for leaks.

But don’t worry, this can still be fixed with some simple sealant on some of the smaller leaks. However, larger holes will need to be patched by a professional roofing contractor. 

3. Inadequately Pitched Gutters

For water to flow away properly from your home, the pitch needs to be right. The ideal pitch should have your gutters run about a quarter of an inch for every 10 feet. If you notice that your system is failing or underperforming, there is an easy way to assess the pitch.

After any sort of rainfall, use a ladder to take a peek inside of your system. If there’s an abundance of still water, then it’s more than likely your gutters aren’t pitched enough to trickle water through the downspouts.

4. Gutter Damages

The number one opponent of your system is Mother Nature. Any severe rain or thunderstorm could cause enough damage to where you may need a gutter replacement. The best way to assess the needs of your gutters after a severe storm is through a reliable roofing company. 

A good contractor should provide you with a free roof inspection, and with that could adequately assess the state of your system. They will let you know if you need gutter repairs, replacement, or storm damage repairs. 

5. Ice Dams Causing Gutter Problems

Ice dams are the result of snow melting off your roof, trickling down, and refreezing in your gutter. We’ve seen this several times all throughout Montgomery County. After all, Ohioans are well aware of the severe weather during winter. 

The extra weight ice dams put on your system could lead to some serious damages. If you’re interested in learning more about ice dams and how to prevent them from forming, click this link here.

Seek Professional Help For Gutter Problems

Even by frequently cleaning your gutters, gutter problems can still pop up from seemingly nowhere. When this happens, seek out a dependable roofing company. 

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