4 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Vandalia Roof

4 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Vandalia Roof

Van Martin Roofing performing a free roof inspection.

After an especially rough winter, it’s finally springtime again. However, before the spring hikes and picnics, remember to not neglect your spring cleaning checklist. Most people go through their shed, garage, and garden, but don’t forget to add your roof to that list. Efficient and proper roof maintenance will ensure a long lifespan for any roof. All of the snow and ice during those rough winter months tend to damage your shingles, gutters, downspouts, etc. You’ll want to inspect each of these thoroughly, and we’ll tell you where to look and what you’re looking for. We’ve listed 4 spring cleaning tips for your Vandalia roof below. 

1. Deep Cleaning Your Gutters

Regardless if you cleaned your gutter system in the fall or not, there’s more than likely a fair amount of leaves, sticks, and other debris that has built back up. To prevent debris build-up, most roofing contractors recommend installing gutter guards for your home. There are several different types of gutter guards, but they all essentially serve the same purpose: to prevent large and small debris from entering your gutters and clogging your drains. Regardless, if your gutters aren’t properly cleaned and maintained they will not be able to properly drain water off your roof. This could lead to roof leaks, water damage, and some expensive gutter repairs. It’s better to clean them now rather than pay for them later. 

2. Roof Inspection

There are a couple of things you’re looking for when inspecting your property:

  • Damaged or loose shingles: There are several different types of damage that can affect your shingles. Blistering, buckling, stained, and curling can take place. It’s important to properly diagnose what kind of damage is occurring and seek professional advice to repair and mitigate any further damage. 
  • Damaged or loose flashing: The condition of your flashing translates to the wellbeing of your home. Missing or damaged flashing can allow water to enter your home.
  • Mold or mildew: Something to really keep an eye out for is mold or mildew. Be sure to not only check on the outside of your property, but also in your attic and along your walls. If detected early, you may only minor repairs and cleaning to keep it from spreading throughout your home. 

Though roof inspections can be done on your own, a professional roof inspector will be able to notice issues that are not obvious. If your local contractor offers free roof inspections, then all the more reason to have your roof checked out by a professional. For more information about roof inspections, click this link here.

3. Trim Nearby Branches

Overhanging trees and branches can pose a serious threat to your home. The harsh effects of winter more than likely have weakened these branches, so if they’re not trimmed back they could fall and cause some costly damage to your roof. Cutting back nearby tree branches not only protects your home but also makes cleaning out your gutters easier in the future, as you’ll spend less time removing leaves.  

4. General Erosion

Finally, keep an eye out for any general wear and tear on your roof. Some things will be easier to notice than others. For example, rusting gutters, cracked or chipped siding, or parts of your roof that are sagging are very easy to spot. Take into consideration the type of roof you have and its age. A professional inspection can provide you with an estimate of the remaining lifespan of your roof. 

Van Martin is a leader in the roofing industry in Vandalia and all across the Greater Dayton area. Our contractors have the experience and knowledge to not only identify current threats to your home but also offer maintenance tips to prevent future issues. 

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